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Why Minecraft PE?

Today I am writing about the “pocket” version of Minecraft, called Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Minecraft PE

The Android game Minecraft Pocket Edition I played entirely on a mobile phone Samsung Note 3 with GameSir G4s.

For starters can look at the numbers, Minecraft has sold 14 million copies on PC, over 20 million Android and iOS combined, 10 million for the Xbox 360, and “only” 1 million copies for the Playstation 3.

If you are interested in playing Minecraft on the go, read this review and judge whether you the price of a few dollars is adequate for what it offers (I say that it is).

The size of the map is a recently virtually identical to the PC version, which is certainly one of the most important upgrades of the mobile version. If you love to wander and explore moving in one direction as far as it will go, that now you can on your mobile phone.For this game I can say that it is one of the most complex mobile titles, more so if you are looking for a mobile game with which you will be able to spend a lot of time, then Pocket Edition is perfect for you.

Because of the huge demand and huge fan base, it is expected that the portable Minecraft will shine in all its splendor over time and if you are concerned about the lack of features, the current development of the game suggests that it is doing very hard work.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft Pocket Edition is an excellent product and I’m glad that developers are investing a huge amount of effort into training absolutely this game with all its charms and transmission variant. Considering how the game has changed and improved in the last few years, it is expected that through the near future Pocket Edition will be fully completed, in terms of features. Looking to the past, the Minecraft is actually never been officially completed; with the amount of features and content grows exponentially it is difficult to conclude this project and close all other options which, simply put, an infinite amount. Pocket version of the game is currently ideal for hardcore fans of the franchise who want to play and when not sitting at the computer or console. For those who want a purebred Minecraft experience, I suggest you get one of the GameSir gamepad.

Minecraft PE

In short, the game was brought to the PC version, there is a pair of modes, a pair of maps , if you like Minecraft, it’s really a shame to do not have on your mobile, to break here and there to block, when you don’t want to sit at your PC or console .

Screenshots are from Tazader Map for Minecraft PE, if you want it, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_fzNunDP-c

Of course, this is only a brief introduction to this game, I bring you a review soon. Igor, Best Android Gameplay.


How to connect GameSir G4s to Android Smartphone & Windows PC?

GameSir G4s is designed for Android Smartphone & Windows PC, but the connecting ways will be confusing before you reading the user-manual carefully as it supports multiple different devices. Here we will give a quick and breif instruction.

Video instruction can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpRS25OBzM0

1. Connecting to Android Smartphone:  

a. When the controller is power off, press A+Home button for a 2 seconds to start & enter Android Mode, and the Home button is strating flash in green light quickly.

b. Switch on the Bluetooth of your Smartphone,  wait untill “GameSir G4s” signal show, and click it to connect, the Home button stop flashing & Keep on, meaning the connected successfully.

2. Connecting to Windows PC

a. Plug the dongle into the USB port of your PC.

b. Press X+Home Button to start the controller to enter PC mode, and the Home button is strating flash in blue light quickly, after connected, the Home Button stops flashing & keeps on.


G4s How to



GameSir World

Get your Smartphone and embark on a  legendary gaming journey!

check out the featured Android games can work with

1 Minecraft PE
2 Modern Combat 5: Blackout
3 Asphalt 8: Airbourne
4 The Conduit HD
5 Shadowgun: Dead Zone
6 Tiki Kart 3D
7 Tiny Little Racing 2
8 Beach Buggy Blitz
9 Cordy
10 Cordy 2
11 Critter Rollers
12 Dead Trigger
13 Dead Trigger 2
14 Dungeon Hunter 3
15 Sonic CD
16 SoulCraft-Action RPG
17 Steampunk Racing 3D
18 Tap’n’ Crash
19 Tiny Little Racing
20 Zen Pinball HD
21 Dark Incursion
22 R-type
23 Time to Rock Racing
24 Another World
25 The Bar’d Tale
26 Final Freeway 2R
27 Grand Theft Auto III
28 Shine Runner
29 Sleepy Jack
30 Virtua Tennis Challenge
31 Chrono&Cash
32 Meganoid
33 Meganoid 2
34 Sonic The Hedgehog 2
35 Asphalt 7: Heat HD
36 Riptide GP
37 Crazy Taxi
38 Aces of the Luftwaffe
39 Angry Birds Go!
40 Bounty Arms
41 Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
42 Anomaly 2
43 Grand Theft Auto Vice City
44 Assassin’s Creed Identity
45 FIFA 16 Ultimate Team
46 Critical Strike Portable
47 Zombie HQ
48 Tainted Keep
49 Sine Mora
50 1941 Frozen Front
51 Alien vs Predator Evolution
52 Unkilled
53 Ace Ferrara&The Dino Menace
54 Stupid Zombies
55 Red Ball 4
56 Badland
57 Leo’s Fortune
58 Dead Effect 2
59 Into the dead
60 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
61 Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame
62 Nebulous
63 Geometry Wars 3:Dimensions
64 Never Alone: Ki Edition
65 Goat Simulator: Waste of Space
66 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
67 Valiant Hearts: The Great War
68 Limbo
69 Goat Simulator
70 Hero Siege: Pocket Edition
71 Rayman adventures
73 Quell Zen
74 Skate Party 3
75 BombSquad
76 Swapperoo
77 Dungeon Hunter 5
78 Driving School 2016
79 Wind up Knight
80 Real Racing 3
81 Reaper
82 Riptide GP 2
83 Dungeon Quest
84 Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath
85 Adventures of Mana
86 Sonic Hedgehog 4 Episode II
87 Fenix Box
88 Sonic The Hedgehog
89 Rayman Fiesta Run
90 Rayman Jungle Run
91 Heroes of Loot
92 DuckTales:Remastered
93 Max Payne Mobile
94 Mount & Blade: Warband
95 Snowboard Party
96 Aircraft Combat 1942
97 Deer Hunter 2016
98 Back to Bed
99 Clarc
100 Beyond Ynth HD
101 Razor Salvation THD
102 Mimpi
103 Infinite Flight
104 Ys Chronicles 2
105 Jetpack Joyride
106 Final Fantasy III
107 Final Fantasy VI
108 Alpha Wave
109 Angel in Danger
110 Ducktales Remastered
111 Archery
112 Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
113 Tomb Raider
114 GTA 5
115 NBA 2K16
116 Grand Theft Auto Chinatown wars
117 GT Racing 2
118 Minecraft Story mode
119 Sniper Fury
120 Coach bus simlator
121 Infinite Flight Simulator
122 Beach Buggy Racing
123 Repulze
124 Super Phantom Cat
125 Dream League soccer 2016
126 Racing Fever
127 The Walking Dead: Season Two
128 Crazy Snowboard
129 Blitz Brigade
130 Spider Man Unlimited
131 Six-Guns
132 Chicken Invaders 2
133 Chicken Invaders 3
134 Chicken Invaders 4
135 Dodo Master
136 Drag Racing
137 Gunslugs2
138 Sword Of Xolan
139 Brothers in Arms 3
140 Dead effect
141 The Witching Hour
143 Plasma Sky
144 Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
145 Respawnables
146 Manugnu 2
147 Slaughter
148 Cyclone 2000 VR
149 Gunslugs
150 Turbo Dismount
151 Zombie Gunship
152 Baseball Superstars 2012
153 Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary
154 Boulder Dash
155 The King of Fighters 98
156 Blazing Star
157 Goatz
158 Metal Slug
159 R-type II
160 Tiny Miner
161 Snes9x
162 Classic Bomber
163 Abuse For Android
164 Acceler8
165 Andrio’s World
166 Alpha Squadron 2
167 Animal Battle Free
168 Blood ’n Guns
169 Tomb Raider 2
170 MushRoom Bounce!
171 Multirotor Sim
172 Basket and Ball
173 Call of Battlefield:Online FPS
174 Air Attack HD
175 Alex the Alien
176 Arma Tactics THD
177 Asteroids Marauder
178 AVP: Evolution
179 B.M. Snowboard Free
180 Invaders from far Space (full – have Demo)
181 Diversion
182 Dragon, Fly! Free
183 Arcane Soul
184 Beekyr FREE: Eco shoot’em up
185 Bermuda Dash
186 Deer Hunter 2014
187 Farming Simulator 2014 (or Farming Simulator 14)
188 Farming Simulator 2016 (or Farming Simulator 16)
189 Neon Shadow
190 Rush Rally 2
191 Fifa 16 Soccer
Above are the Android games we already tested can match with GameSir gamepads, we will add more games.
If you have found any other games can be compatible with GameSir, please leave your comment below, we will add them to our list.

10 Best Android Games for Smartphone Game Controller

April 27th, 2016

GameSir was not the only one controller brand in video game market. GameSir controller series was a big hit when they first hit both Android and iOS. Contrast with the overpriced background,  they make affordable, stable and solid controller to Android and iOS gamers. You may find that GameSir G3s has got high reputation in many Youtube gamers, if you want to have a try, no doubt that you want to know the games compatibility for Smartphone. GameSir has its own game emulator “Happy Chick” with a few fun features that others do not have.

Here are the best Android Games for GameSir game controller.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

The critically acclaimed blockbuster Grand Theft Auto III comes to mobile devices, bringing to life the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty City. With a massive and diverse open world, a wild cast of characters from every walk of life and the freedom to explore at will, Grand Theft Auto III puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of crime at your fingertips. GameSir gamepad will support it perfectly.


Asphalt 8: Airbourne

Asphalt 8 is the Best Racing Game for Android.

The Android best arcade racing series another peak! The new physics engine brings stimulating driving experience, which is a truly high-speed aerial stunt! The ultimate arcade game for game enthusiasts, dream cars and realistic picture also makes racing simulation enthusiasts eager.

GameSir game controller can support Asphalt 8 in your Android Phone.


Minecaft Pocket Edition

You can explore randomly generated world, build incredible things, from the most simple houses, to the most magnificent castle. You can enjoy unlimited resources in the creative mode, you can also dig into survival mode in the entire world, the synthesis of weapons and armor to resist all kinds of dangerous creatures.

Using GameSir, enjoy your happy time!


Riptide GP 2

Riptide GP™2 kicks everything into overdrive, with intense online multi-player races, upgradeable hydro jets and riders, improved graphics, an all-new career mode, and a whole new stunt system with dozens of new tricks!

Using GameSir game controller to experience the excitement game!


Sonic The Hedgehog

Global super-popular Mega Drive version of “Sonic · The · Hedghog” reload upgrade. In addition to a unique style of operability maintain authentic, the operation is more convenient to experience the full Shuangkuaigan Sonic world!

GameSir G3s can bring you ultimate gaming experience.


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Play newer, better, faster on handheld terminals FIFA game! FIFA 16 Ultimate Team allows you to unprecedented wonderful way to celebrate every attack, every goal and every exciting thrilling victory, comparable to the game and enjoy a host of picture quality. Download and experience highly realistic soccer game with GameSir game controller.



Into the world full of magic and monsters! Avatar black swordsman, the demon slayer in the epic action role-playing game!

Playing game through game controller!



Mobile devices in the best looking multi-player sci-fi shooter.

Rich task completion, become the galaxy’s top bounty hunter, let everyone experience your ability.
And friends together to experience “beyond life and death” multiplayer battle!

GameSir game controller can support Multiple player.



Let apos at The 80 apos Go Back in the with the this Classic Old-School shoot’em up up! One of Biggest at The Arcade Game Will Travel Back in the make you at The Day. Fun of Be READY to have have the with the this OLD- school side-shooter game!

Play R-Type with GameSir game controller.


Super Mario Bros

This is the popular theme from the Super Mario Bros Video Game.

GameSir game controller G2u is features in its’ precise D-Pad,G3s unique in cool appearance ,quick response and totally different appearance with G2 series. The new product G4 coming out in May will be the good gift to every gadget lover. Frankly speaking, it’s a brand worth of your close attention.


Play different, Gamesir Starts a New Chapter in Mobile Games

HONG KONG, Oct. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The HK Electronics Autumn Fair takes place from Oct. 13 to 16, 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai. As in past years, it’s really a “big elite party”, especially for the enterprises that specialize in Mobile Internet. Many amateur and professional game players and also buyers who are game enthusiasts all come here. Gamesir, the leading Smartphone Gamepad brand, comes with their latest model, the G3 multifunctional gamepad. Referred to as “the king of gamepads”, its global launch was in Hong Kong.

Gamesir is a Smartphone Gamepad brand, established by a group of mobile game enthusiasts in Hong Kong. Gamesir advocates an amusing way of living with freedom, listens to players’ suggestions and is always committed to innovation. Gamesir currentlyhas over 2 million loyal fans. Since 2013, with the support of many users, Gamesir developed an elaborate first generation gamepad, the G1, which boasts best-in-class operating performance, then developed the portable G2. And now comes the latest version: the G3, the king of gamepads.

Gamesir G3 Smartphone Gamepad will start a new chapter of entertaining mobile games.

Compared to the G1 and G2, the G3 has numerous advantages as it was developed to connect to iOS, Android, PC, and PS3, via three main connecting channels: 2.4Ghz wireless, Bluetooth ver.4.0 and wired connections. No matter where you are, sitting on your couch or standing by your personal laptop or any other places you would be, with Gamesir G3 Smartphone Gamepad you are able to fully immerse yourself into the game world, addicted to the excitement that the game brings to you. Besides its powerful function, G3 also features excellent design and futuristic technology. Structured by smooth lines to meet the most demanding requirements from users over soft touch feeling, it is made of top toughening material to fully guarantee superior quality and durability. 360-degree accurate positioning D-pad and highly sensitive 360-degree analog joysticks provide users with many advantages so they can play games and win with ease. Thanks to the portable size of Gamesir G3 Smartphone Gamepad, everyone can enjoy their favorite game anywhere they want.

Gamesir insists on innovation, passion and fun and aspires to provide a comfortable and enjoyable mobile gaming experience for everyone.

Gamesir, have more fun!

Gamesir Website: http://www.gamesir.hk


CONTACT: Andy, +86-755-2377-1729, Sales@gamesir.hk