Respawnables – Game that never dies

Hello everyone, Igor is again with you.

Like I sad in first blog, I will today write about one Android/iOS game that is available for both platforms for a about a few years ago, to be precise back in 2012….

Impressive, isn’t it, most PC headlines failed to contain massive number of players after only a year or two, for more isn’t worth talking about.

You are probably wondering what is so special in this game…. Problem is from where to start, when you install for the first time you will notice that comic book, cartoon look. I want to say that is smart choice for appearance for a lot of reasons, some of them are, less demanding graphics (Respawnables can be played at any type of phone or tablet, the price almost doesn’t matter) and it has nice look for older and for younger audience.


That is not the reason why is this game so popular, the reasons are events, but we will get to that later.

The game offers some very wise maps, excellent Free For All or Deathmatch online mod, against other players anywhere in the world. But there is also Missions mod, place where you can measure your shooting skills against artificial intelligence and earn money to buy weapons and for little bit of practice.

50th is the maximum level in the game, which is very little , and you can relatively quickly reach that level, the higher level you reach, you unlock new skills which you can buy later, what I recommend to you.

Actually, I recommend that you at the beginning don’t buy all kind of weapons, pants, t–shirts etc, than I recommend that you buy all types of Skills.

This will help yourself to play online a lot easier, some of them bring you faster regeneration, an increase of health, faster moving, more precise gaming, also to drop a grenade when someone kills you, to maybe kill him. In the game you have money and gold, but some stuff can be bought only by gold, including certain skills.

You can get to the gold by two ways, spend all your money or to wait different events and earn some.

For example, i have in the game unlocked almost all weapons, and almost all extras, without spending real money, all thanks to the events.

Events are tournaments that run through a period of time in the game. What is a tournament without prizes? Playing events will reward you great prizes such as Cash Cash icon, Gold GoldIcon, gadgets, armors, or exclusive new weapons. You must first complete the task required in the event before earning the prizes. You’ve got to be quick as the events only run through a limited time (normally 3 weeks/21days). You don’t want to miss the exclusive prizes! Events are only available when there is an ACTIVE internet connection.

Each event have different challenges which you are required to do in order to obtain a certain prize.

Kill & Collect – Players must kill others to progress through the event and use armor or a certain group of weapons to boost your progress.

Ranking – Similar to Kill & Collect events, but instead it uses a ranking system which adds up your progress at the end of the match, and doubles your earnings at maximum rank.
 Challenging – This is the most common form of event. Each tier has different challenges/tasks and the requirements become tougher as you get closer to the last tier.

Below is my playlist, so you can see how it looks:

Of course, with all this written down I have broached a part of Respawnables, and we will continue in some of the next blog.

Untill the next reading, Igor – Best Android Gameplay 




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