Minecraft PE 0.15.0, I love it with my GameSir gamepad.

Recently, I am so fascinated in Minecraft PE. And expecially after the release of 0.15.0. I have played it a few months ago, it just has 0.11.0 at that time. And still lack of so many things. No big different from the old version.
At that time, I work so hard for a small company. The job is really so boring, because the boss just let you sell things in a stupid way. And soon, I was so tired of that dull work. I quited.
And then I have found a company, which just let you play games and tell customers how to enjoy games with our gamepad, and with our Happy Chick Game Center. Normally, I need to test all the games in our game center.  And… slowly, I found something…
There is really so so many games in it, I can find large game like Monster Hunter, middle size like Pokémon, many small size emulator games like super mario, Legend of Zelda, etc. That was really shock on me. I have never found such a game center like this. And more important is, it still keep added more and more games. I could play alot when I am free, I think. I jumped into my job soon. But sometimes I have to admit, a game with story can be a little bit not so attracted. Sometimes I prefer some books or music. (Students should not play too  much). So I make a pause on myself for about a week.
My white chicken Family
And one day, may phone showed me a notification. To tell me there is a update ready for my 0.11.0 Minecraft PE. I am really really….OMG…..I think it won’t update for this year.  But, my boss was still walking around to see whether we are working at this time.
I went home as a rocket and connect my lovely wifi and update it. Then build a new world–“World War” (: >). And I have a quick look around to dig the new function out.QQ图片20160620165859What?!!! A horse!! Redstone System!! And Zombie horse!! OMG!!!!! In chinese there is a word to tell my feeling ” You are gonna fly, so super!” And then I plug my GameSir Gamepad into the USB Port to have a try to connect Minecraft PE. And it showed me just like playing on Play Station. I remember my Minecraft Master said, ” to be rich, get wood first.” So I use  R2 to chop the  tree, make a axe, to build a house. And L2 to put the wood and dirt and other stuffs. But I am getting hungry so easy. The new version Minecraft is not so tough like the old version. So I take my axe in hand at night, use A to jump and hide from the arrow of Skull Shooter. But I just need some silk. Guess what? I am gonna fishing and die in a island till the end of my life…..
But, I was shot and then just died….
Anyway, I respawn then. I think Minecraft PE should add a new more like computer version, hardcore mode. I would go to do other things and not so attracted by this lovely Game.
I love to play Minecraft PE with my GameSir gamepad.


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